Sayin’ and Doin’

Hey there! Long time no post! While I’ve thought about posting a few times, I’ve been told recently that “sayin’ and doin’ are two different things”. It’s been a helluva summer. Let me fill you in… My summer was full in many ways: adventuring, dating, learning new skills at work. But there was also an […]

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Wow, it’s been a minute

I’ve been having a blast this spring and now it’s officially summer! Yay! Since I returned home from Wisconsin last month, I’ve been busy working both of my jobs, and secretly planning a quick trip back to my hometown in Kansas to surprise my mother at the Smoky Hill River Festival! I hadn’t been back […]

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Rested and Restless

I just had ten days off in Wisconsin, spent with my amazing Spaceteam trail family. We worked the same golf tournament that we did last year, the location being in Kohler, WI this year, as opposed to last year’s hot and humid Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Even though we worked hard with weird schedules for […]

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Slaying dragons

A few years ago I was running a lot. I had a coach and a full racing schedule for 2016: two 50 mile races and a 100 miler to end the year. It was ambitious, and I was in it for all the wrong reasons. With the exception of an unplanned 50k personal best in […]

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Pardon my absence…

The last month has been a little rough, but not in necessarily bad ways. I’ve been busier than I have since I returned from the AT last fall. I committed to something that has taken the majority of my spare time, and that project will end in two weeks. I wanted to write a quick […]

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Hiking for 5 months was a dream come true. Especially at 41 years old. I found out pretty quickly that I was in a smaller-represented age demographic on trail. I felt like there were two major age groups: those who were 18-30, and those who were 60+. In the former, I felt like there was […]

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