This was supposed to be about something else, but then….cats.

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t get anything done because your cats are too f’ing cute? Seems like that’s what has happened to me lately. This procrastination has led me to this abbreviated post. But I know some of you have had bad starts to the week, or are stick licking wounds from last week, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Anyways, I was tossing around two different blog ideas, and had a short outline for one already, but I’ve found all sorts of distractions to keep me from publishing a post this week. But as I was knee deep in one of those distractions, I realized that I was passively-aggressively shaming myself for not writing this week. Not that skipping a week, or publishing late would be the end of the world, but I’m trying to create different habits for myself, and habits require routine.

A photo of Smidge's cats, Oreo and Zion as they lay on the different levels of a cat tree in Smidge's living room.
Oreo and Zion are the worst behaving, most mischievous asshole cats I’ve ever had. I would do anything for them.

Routines aren’t all bad. I get that they can become boring. But for me, that just means it’s time to change up the routine, either a little bit or a lot. When I came back to New Mexico after my Appalachian Trail adventure last September, I felt lost. I knew I needed a place to live, and would need to start working again, but felt like as long as those two needs were met quickly, everything else would fall into place. I didn’t anticipate that it would be nearly six months later and I’d still be trying to find a groove.

And not that life has been bumpy, because it hasn’t! Life since the trail has been fantastic! But I’ve made choices (some think they’re sacrifices) so that I don’t have to work full time right now. And I’m still in love with the choices I’ve made since coming home. I have a tiny apartment that is only filled with a few things that make me happy, and I drive a beater old car with 215,000 miles on it. And I have friends who I adore and respect, and with whom I love spending my extra time with.

No, I mean the groove of daily and weekly life. I used to stick to a weekly grind of running or working out on certain days, and then going to the grocery store and other errands on a different day, etc. But since I’ve been home from the trail, about the closest I’ve gotten to having a routine is working nearly every Saturday at REI. But personally, it’s been harder to find a routine that feels “normal”. I have started to do my laundry on either Mondays or Tuesdays, and arbitrarily decided that on days I do laundry are the days I will write and publish blog entries.

But yesterday, I got a late start to laundry, because I had been up until 1am doing yoga. I’ve been spending more and more time upside down and it’s so much fun I couldn’t stop (I’ll do another yoga post down the road…yoga helped save my life, btw). Anyways, I slept in late yesterday, then talked to my mom on the phone for a while. And when I got home from laundry (where I did start an outline for a topic called “Saying Yes to Opportunity”) close to 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the cats were waking up from naps and wanting attention and being so adorable that I played with them for a while, and then decided that 45 minutes before I left for yoga wasn’t going to be productive writing time so I hopped on the treadmill for a few miles of uphill climbing. Then there was yoga with friends, and when I got home I felt like I had already blown my “afternoon of writing” so I got back on the treadmill for a few more miles of grinding at a steeper incline.

So anyways, I was about to blow off writing today as well, because I had a lovely morning filled with catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and just wanted to jump on the treadmill to work off the lunch at Two Fools. It would’ve been so easy to continue making the little motivational signs to hang in front of the treadmill (I’m “training” for something…more on that later, too). But one of those signs was a verbatim text I received from my trail buddy Good Wood last week: Get Some Motivation! No Excuses 2019! So I decided that a more appropriate topic would be procrastination, and I just realized that it’s taken me less than 30 minutes to write this. And I’ve had to stop to pet Oreo only twice.

A photo taken from the treadmill of the television on the wall.
Yes, I was watching Thor: Ragnarok while I was on the treadmill. And also I love Junior Mints if you couldn’t guess. Oh, and yes, that’s a cardboard cat condo in the background. Those ungrateful assholes won’t even use it.

Do you struggle to get started with a project, or struggle to finish it? There’s all sorts of procrastination. For some of us, working under a deadline and waiting until it’s down to the wire is thrilling and we do our best work under that pressure. But for others (myself included), we simply find other things that we would prefer to do instead, and then find ourselves down to the wire and having to make a decision: shit or get off the pot. Well, if you’ve followed since my first post, you’ll know that I don’t shy away from shitting. So I guess that makes this my shit. So there.

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